Monday, 22 June 2009


Have you noticed that owls are everywhere at the moment? For some reason crafters love owls. Maybe its that the big eyes mean you can make an impossibly cute softie. There's so many around that it takes something really special to catch your eye.

So imagine my joy when I was browsing round Paperchase (my favourite shop EVER) and I saw the owl range designed by jilly p. I couldn't resist the tea towels - gorgeous design and such a bargain!

Man, I really wish I'd ironed them before I took those pics! If you want to see more pictures of the range then take a look at this Print & Pattern post - much better pics than mine!! (Print & Pattern often features other Paperchase designs and is a fab blog so you should read it anyway!)

But the more I looked at my tea towels the more I didn't want to use them for drying dishes - they were way too nice for that! So, I formulated a plan to turn these fab prints into little softies. I embroidered round the design, added some buttons and used the small owl print fabric on the back and ta-da!

My own set of four jilly p. owls. Not bad for £5 tea towels eh? I leave them sitting amongst my books looking wise and learned!

I'm hoping they haven't sold out in Paperchase because I need to go back and buy another set to actually dry my dishes on!

Dotty xx

Monday, 15 June 2009

Exciting Times

Its been over a week since my last post - eeeek! I've had a bit of a tough week with very little crafting but some exciting things have been happening in my absence.

Firstly, thanks for all the lovely comments on the Disco Fish I featured in my last post. I had some great comments and emails and a couple have people have asked if I sell them or sell a kit to make them. I don't sell them at the moment but I'm currently thinking about prices and whether to make them into kits or not. I'll keep you posted! Thanks for all your support guys :-)

The lovely Patti from It's a Wonderful... was so taken with the fish that she featured them on her fab blog. And look at the little bubbles she added to my pic - such a cute idea. Thanks Patti :-)

Buoyed by every ones comments on the fish I decided to submit a picture of them to the One Pretty Thing flickr pool. If you don't read this blog then you MUST check it out - it is basically a roundup of all the craftiness going on in the blogosphere - loads of tutorials, advice, party ideas, giveaways....everything you could want really. It is one of my favourite blogs so imagine my excitement when I saw this post - my disco fish are featured - I am so proud. Thanks Rachel :-)

As if all this wasn't enough I got an email yesterday from Alex (full name Aleximo Croissant!) telling me that my strawberries had been featured in a strawberry based posting on the FolksyFinds blog. If you want to check out all the other lovely strawberries featured then take a look here. Thanks Alex :-)

I'm so excited I might burst!! And its motivated me to get back to my machine so hopefully I'll have some new goodies to show you soon....

Dotty xx

Friday, 5 June 2009

Disco Fish!

These are some softies I've been working on recently. I call them disco fish - partly because of the bright colours and partly because I think they look like they are grooving away :-)

The blue one is supposed to be a puffer fish and I just made the others up. Haven't decided what to do with them yet - considering making a mobile and I might put some in my shop. For now they are just hanging from my mirror - chilling and looking cool!

Dotty xx

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