Tuesday, 27 March 2012

I'm back.......and I've finished something! Yay!

Sorry for the radio silence around here lately - its been an extremely busy time recently and I've been struggling to keep up with making, blogging and checking other people's blogs. If I normally visit your blog and comment then I apologise for not popping round as much as I would normally this last month - I've got a lot to catch up on!!

The busy period culminated last weekend when I was volunteering at the Stitch and Craft Exhibition at Olympia. I spent a couple of days (Friday and Sunday) there teaching people how to crochet - mainly butterflies and flowers. The picture below is just some of the many little things I made over the course of the weekend - I think I could crochet that butterfly in my sleep now!! (If anyone is interested the butterfly pattern is from Issue 3 of Mollie Makes).

I've never taught anyone anything crafty before so teaching at Stitch and Craft was a real eye opener! It was tiring and at times hectic but in general very rewarding and fun.

Amongst all the chaos I also managed to finish a project for a change! This is a picture of my finished doily rug that I mentioned in my last post.

I'm really pleased with how this has turned out. It was really fun to do something different too and it came together so quickly as it is worked in three strands of chunky yarn with a large hook (I used a 17mm). The pattern is by Dainty Loops and is available in her etsy shop or on ravelry. It is also perfect for the space I had in mind, this is what it looks like in situ in my bedroom:

Hopefully finishing this project will spur me on to finish some others on the go! Although not before I spend the evening catching up on all the blog posts backed up in my reader.....

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