Tuesday, 5 May 2009

HELP! I'm turning into my parents!

Yesterday was a bank holiday Monday in the UK. Hurrah! An extra day off work - we simply must celebrate. So me and my parents decided to do what all British people are compelled to do on a bank holiday - we sat in a traffic jam bickering whilst it slowly stated to rain. This is an ancient British tradition and one that we will no doubt revive later in the month when there is another bank holiday Monday - woohoo!

We decided to go to Kent to a craft fair and a garden with a tulip show on. Fortunately Kent is amazingly beautiful and this was our view as we sat in traffic blaming each other for setting off so late:

Mmmm pretty :o)

The craft fair was HUGE. There were over 250 stalls and even my Dad found something to amuse himself with - the food tent and the wood turning displays. Me and my Mum had lots of fun looking round the EIGHT marquees of stalls but amazingly we didn't buy a thing. I thought we would come back with a boot full and I would have loads of pics to show you but no - not a jot! It wasn't that there weren't beautiful things to buy - there were - but they were so expensive! I tried on an amazing silver ring but when I asked the price it was over £200! That is not the sort of money I spend on impulse on myself - especially when I'm not working at the moment. A lot of the crafts were very traditional and so whilst clever and beautifully executed they weren't really to my taste. I was hoping to see the sort of things I see on etsy and folksy but it wasn't really that kind of thing at all. I think I'll stick to my favourite London haunts in future.

Undeterred we went on to the tulip show at Pashley Manor. Ironically the little shop there had more things that I wanted to buy than the whole craft fair! I took loads of pics of the amazing gardens and tulips. Here are a few:

You may notice that I seem to be drawn towards pink!

I so want to live in this house:

As I settled into bed at 9.45pm (!) I couldn't help but notice that I appear to have turned into my parents. Looking round gardens on a bank holiday Monday! What happened to drunken barbeques at friends houses? Staying up too late on Sunday and sleeping all day? Man I'm getting old.....


Sandra @ Pepperberry and Co. said...

Haha- not to worry, Sharon and I are always in bed by 9.30 and we spend our weekends crafting and gardening. I haven't drunk in years and I can't remember the last time I went to a club!! Did I mention I'm 24?? :-) Sometimes it's good to become your parents :-)

P.S. I am sooooooo jealous of those flowers, especially the ones growing in the wild on the way to Kent- I've always wanted to see wildflowers. Yum!

Bee Designs said...

Thanks for the comment about my bluebell picture but I don't think you're giving yourself enough credit, your picture is fantastic and that house is gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Hhmmm I like the sound of ancient British tradition of sitting in a traffic jam bickering whilst it slowly starts to rain.

Kent looks very pretty.

bex said...

ohhh, lovely pictures. i know what you mean about craft fairs like the one you went to...its like its more artisan typr crafts. ohhh....the next lovely little craft fair is on the fourth of july...let the planning commence...again

Polka Dot Daze said...

LOL - sounds like you had a rather lovely day

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