Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Holiday Pics!

I've just got back home from a few days in Northern Spain and Southern France. It was nice to get away and see the sun again. I didn't take that many pictures but I thought I'd share these few with you here, all from the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao.

We fell in love with this huge dog all covered in plants by Jeff Koons.

We weren't allowed to take pictures inside the building which was a shame although the building was amazing and a work of art in itself:

I did manage to get this snap on one of the outside balconies of another Jeff Koons piece:

which bizarrely reminded me of the colourful crochet hooks I treated myself to recently!

Unfortunately, after Bilbao, things went downhill somewhat. I stepped down from a step badly and fell, spraining both my ankles and, after an afternoon in French A&E checking they weren't broken, I spent the rest of the holiday on crutches feeling sorry for myself! Oh dear!

Unsurprisingly there aren't so many photos from that stage of the holiday! I did manage to get some work done on my granny square blanket which I will show you in a later post (the squares are still in France at the mo - I had to leave them with my parents to cut down on luggage for the flight home alone and on crutches!).

Luckily the ankles are healing pretty fast and I'm now installed on the sofa hoping to catch up on some crafting and all of your blogs!

Back soon!
Dotty xx


Diomoglass said...

Oh no! Ankles get better quick!! And why am I strangely drawn to those crochet hooks? I don't do crochet! It must be the colours!!

Baban Cat said...

You poor thing! I hope you mend quickly. You can't be as accident prone as my daughter. Clumsy is her middle name.
Love those crochet hooks. I've bought some soft touch hooks. They're great to use but really ugly. Now if they had those colours...

Jane said...

Oh no! And having to leave your crochet with someone else! *shudders* Hope it's soon back safely with you, and you're soon back on your feet.
Jane x

Wendy said...

Oh no, that's terrible! Sorry to hear about that and hope it didn't spoil your time away. Where about's in Southern France were you? I used to live in Toulouse but I guess if you went to Bilbao you were further west?

Diane J. Evans said...

Major Ouch!!! It was okay to feel sorry for yourself -- what a terrible thing to have happened. I truly hope that you're doing better by now -- life sends us lemons sometimes, doesn't it??

The photos are lovely -- thank you for taking the time to share them.


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