Sunday, 29 April 2012

New Yarn and Cross Stitch Update

Not much to report this week as I've mainly been plodding along with my cross stitch.  I decided to turn the heart cross stitch that I made a few weeks ago into a little hanging ornament and here is the result:

A little bit wonky unfortunately but it looks quite cute hanging on my door now I think.  I've also been working on my "Whistle While You Work" cross stitch design from Crossstitcher magazine and have made some good progress with that:

I've actually got a bit further with it now and I reckon it'll be finished fairly soon - especially if the weather keeps going as it has been the last couple of weeks.  I'm really enjoying this design - I thought the colours were a bit dull to start with but the pink really makes all the difference and it is really starting to come together.  I must have good taste in patterns because a couple of you recognised the design in my last post and said it was one you are planning to do!
I've also finished my first knitted scarf that I've mentioned previously and I'll post some pictures of that when I've blocked it properly.  I haven't actually got much on the go at the moment (well, for me anyway!) and I'm looking for a new knitting or crochet project to get my teeth into.  I'm finding it particularly hard to find a knitting project which is simple enough for a beginner but still something I want to make!  Any suggestions gratefully received...!

Also, when I was at Stitch and Craft a few weeks ago  I "accidentally" bought some hoopla yarn.  It was much cheaper than online and it all looked so pretty on the stall so I couldn't resist.  Now I've got it at home I'm not sure what to do with it!  I was going to make a pouffee like the one they had on the stall but I'm unsure if I really need one!  And I've already made a crochet rug so I probably don't need another one of those.....  For the moment it is just sitting looking at me so any suggestions for that would also be gratefully received!

Have a lovely rest of weekend xx


Annaboo's House said...

That little heart is so cute!
And that Hoopla - those colours are really lovely. I've got a box-load of it for a randy day project, when I've finished that rug (ha!- one day...). how about making a bag?

Enjoy your week!

Crafty-Laura said...

Oooh lovely yarn! Fab stitching- the heart looks great! And I love the whistle while you work design- the colours are gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing it finished. Hope you are well and you've had a nice weekend, Laura x

Wendy said...

gorgeous work! Love that stitched heart, it looks really fab. I can't believe how quickly you're getting Whistle done!

Wendy said...

gorgeous work! Love that stitched heart, it looks really fab. I can't believe how quickly you're getting Whistle done!

Jane said...

The heart is so sweet! Lovely.
Have a go at the simplest sweater - it really is very straightforward, and I'm sure that if you buy the wool at your local shop, they'd help if you had any problems. And of course you could ask me too - I'd be happy to help if I could!
Jane x

Diane J. Evans said...

Love that Hoopla yarn -- can't wait to see what uses you'll find for it. Your creative mind will come up with something smashing, I'm sure.


Steph said...

Gorgeous stitching! I love the heart. I was looking at that pattern the other day thinking I'd quite like to make've made me want to even more now ^_^

Hippywitch said...

Third time lucky! Blogger keeps playing silly beggars and losing my post!

Love the heart, very sweet :-) Fab to see the stitching growing too.
I agree with Annaboo, a bag would be lovely with that yarn.

Lori x

Erica Bessant said...

Nice work!

The yarn looks yum too! How about making a crochet basket? See you!

Crafty-Laura said...

Hello, just to let you know that I've got a new blog:
Hope you are well!
Laura x

Anonymous said...

Hello, I love your blog... Such great crafts! When will you post again?

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