Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Even more sock monsters

I promise to stop blogging about sock monsters soon......but they are the things that got me back into crafts so before I do I just wanted to show you a few more!

First a couple of monsters made from those funny socks that seperate your toes like gloves:

I'm really pleased with these two - the stripey socks seem to work really well for sock monsters. These are the only ones I've made with socks I've actually worn but I did make sure they were clean first!

I also tried some with knee high socks.....

This is my first attempt - he is called Wigmore. My mum mentioned that she knew someone called Wigmore and I thought it was such a genius name that I knew I had to call one of my monsters that! He was fun to make although the long arms and legs do take a long time to stuff and it is difficult to stop them being a bit lumpy. I don't think I quite achieved it here!

Next I decided to try out an idea I had for using one sock to make a kind of snail's shell. I also decided to add some legs because, afterall, he is a sock monster and not a sock snail! I haven't managed to get him to sit up quite like I wanted but still, I think he has potential:

Lastly I decided to make a friend for Wigmore (and for my dad because Wigmore was his favourite!). He is called Waldorf. Unfortunatley the picture quality isn't that good but this picture makes me laugh - I think they look like a couple of old men, sitting on a bench and watching the world go by!

That's all for now. In my next post I will try and talk about something other than sock monsters!!

Dotty xx

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