Thursday, 26 March 2009

The sock monsters multiply

I'd enjoyed making my first sock monster so much that immediately I started on the next one. This time I wanted to design it from scratch myself.

This is my second sock monster. What do you think? I wasn't too keen to start with! He looked awful til I added the antennae. I think the problem was that you couldn't see he was made from socks and what is the point of a sock monster who doesn't look like he is made from socks! I decided to return to the original design.

Monster number three. Cute eh? And I think did the mouth better than I had done for Yerk.

Next I decided to have a go at Nicky's method for making a sock monster - where the heel of the sock is used for the bum rather than the mouth. I added features using felt and I think he turned out pretty well :o)

After that there was no stopping me....the sock monsters started to multiply....

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