Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Oooooh! Glassy!

I haven't blogged about it much before but one of my new(ish!) favourite things to do is make stained glass pieces. I've been doing classes for about a year and a half now and I love playing with all the colours and designs and coming up with a new piece.

I now have loads of glass in my flat - some leftover from other pieces and some bought because I was in the shop and saw something so beautiful I couldn't resist! (Seriously, going to a glass shop is like going to a sweet shop - there are beautiful things on every wall and you want them all!)

I seem to gravitate towards blue pieces and had lots in my stash so I decided to make use of all the pieces I have accumulated and design something modern and abstract using bluey greeny colours.

I also had never leaded up a circle before and its something I wanted to try so I decided to incorporate that into my design. Normally, when doing a straight edged piece, you lead into a right angle made with two blocks of wood - because you can't do this for a circle it is slightly more tricky! Unfortunately I didn't think to take any pictures whilst I was leading up - the one above is after I had leaded and soldered but before cementing and polishing.

This is the finished piece:

It has been cemented to keep the glass secure in the lead, the lead has been blackened and the whole piece has been polished to give it a shine.

I'm pretty pleased with the results, I just need to secure the ends of the chain and then it will be hung in the window as a lightcatcher. I think I am going to give this to my parents this weekend - I hope they like it! Just one more close up of those lovely blues:

I have also made another leaded circular piece of a similar size which incorporates pieces of fused glass but I will have to show you that another time. As well as finally finishing my glass pieces I've been taking a precious metal clay course this week which has been lots of fun and I'll have the results of that soon.

Happy crafting!

Dotty xx


Wendy said...

Wow, it's fabulous! I really want to do this too, and one day I will!!

Don't forget to link up what you learnt at the metal clay class to the Lant linky. I'm also really interested to know what you think as it's yet another craft on my list!

Milly and Me said...

Dotty, it is beautiful - I am so jealous!
I would love to do a glass fusing course (you have some great pieces shown on your blog). Just can't help wanting to try everything!
Well done you :)
Jo x

Jane said...

Hi Dotty, that's beautiful - I love the blues. And I'm very impressed with your skill too - I did one stained glass workshop, and managed with a struggle to make one wonky 4-square diamond! Also have to say I really love your Jane Brocket squares in the last post. The colours are absolutely gorgeous together :)
Jane x

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