Sunday, 28 August 2011

New Octomonsters!

Just a quick post today - I thought I'd show you a couple of octomonsters I've just finished.

I've done this design before and they've been popular so I thought I'd have another go. I'll be popping them in my folksy shop as soon as it stops raining for long enough to get some decent photos. These are quicker to make than the ones with the hand stitched dots on them so I will be able to charge less and hopefully entice someone to buy them! That's the idea anyway....

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend.

Dotty x

PS. I have given my parents the stained glass lightcatcher (from the previous post) and they seem to be very pleased with it - hurrah!


Milly and Me said...

These are SOOOOO cute!

Jane said...

Hi Dotty, just replying to your question on my blog about the ripple pattern. It works up really quickly after you've done a couple of rows and you've got into the swing of it. I would say take care how wide you start it though - I'm wishing I'd done mine a bit less wide! Love the colours you used in your wrist warmers and cushions.
I use the American terms for stitches too - much more useful as most patterns I've found on the internet are done in American :)

Beertje Zonn said...

These are Lovely!!!

Beertje Zonn

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