Sunday, 2 October 2011

Granny Blanket Progress

I was finally reunited with my granny squares on Friday! WOOHOO! (Is it sad I was so excited by this? Probably! I don't care!) I had to leave them in France with my parents three weeks ago when I had to severely pare down my luggage to a small rucksack which was manageable with crutches. I'd been looking forward to getting them all back with their buddies at home and seeing what they all looked like together. And here they are:

I couldn't remember how many I had but I thought it was either 80 or 100 altogether so I was a bit disappointed when I gathered them together and found out it was only 60! Still, they are pretty big squares so I thought I must have the makings of a blanket by now. But actually when I lay them all out it still looks quite small!

The squares are roughly 10cm square so arranged like this they give a blanket of 60cm by 100cm. I think I'd like it to be at least double this size if not triple so I've got a lot more work to do!! I wish I'd chosen a cheaper yarn - this is going to be the most expensive blanket ever!

I've got another 40 squares on the go at the moment but have decided to join these ones together first to save having to do it all at the end and get some sense of how it will look. I've not done this before so I have done some samples of different ways of joining the squares to work out which I like best. Any opinions would be much appreciated!!

Method 1: Whipstitch together through both loops

Method 2: Whipstitch through the front loop only

Method 3: Weave through the back loops

Method 4: Single Crochet (or UK double)

Method 5: Slip stitch

Phew - that's a lot of photos! Sorry about that. I thought it might be useful to put them all here for future reference!

What do you think? Any thoughts? I think I am erring towards methods 3 or 5 at the moment. I like the fact that they are almost invisible so don't take away from the squares themselves. I am definitely not going to go for single crochet - I don't think I want a ridge between all my squares.

I'm looking forward to getting on with this soon....although maybe not today! Its hotter in London today than is California so sitting with wool on my lap might be a bit much!

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend!



Susan H. said...

Hi Dotty,
Your squares look great! I think I like method one and two better than three. I think the criss cross connection looks cleaner than number 3. Method five looks good too. Maybe go with the one that takes the least amount of time?
Thanks for stopping by my blog and for all of your lovely comments.
xo Susan

Casey said...

I've joined with the slip stitch before and I really like doing it that way! If you really want an invisible join, I found this awhile ago and have been using it for my groovyghan:

Jane said...

Your squares are gorgeous! The blanket may turn out expensive, but it's going to be the most wonderful, beautiful thing.
The way I've been joining grannies is a bit of a combination of methods 3 and 5, so you may like it - it's slip stitch, so quick and easy, but through back loops only, so it's invisible. I got it from the brilliant Lucy: - have a look and give it a go!
Jane x

☼Carolina ArtesanĂ­as☼ said...

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Marie said...

Hey there! I usually use the mattress stitch which I think is either the same or very similar to option 1. I find it really quick to do and it's almost invisible.

Your blanket looks amazing! x

Diane J. Evans said...

I think you'll find that whipstitching through the front loops only (method 2) is going to be easier and look better when it comes to joining one row to the next -- there's going to be a little gap at each corner, since grannie squares tend to want to be rounded, and the whipstitch will help straighten that out the best. I've made a few of these, and I preferred that method.

Try joining four of the squares into a larger square before making your decision -- you really can't go wrong with great colors like these -- and your workmanship is terrific.


Baban Cat said...

I've always used the double crochet method. I like the neat finish. It's what I use to join cushion covers too because it gives a firm edge.

I've got to say that recently I've been joining as I go with slip stitches.

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