Sunday, 16 October 2011

Woohoo! Tapestry finally finished!!

This week something very exciting happened - I finally finished my Emily Peacock / Rob Ryan tapestry! I don't know how long I have spent on this (it must be well over 100 hours) but it was very exciting to see it all coming together at the end. Ta-dah:

I think I started this in about February and have gradually been working away on it between other projects. I must have sped up lately though as I seem to have completed about half of it in the couple of months (comparing it to how far I'd got when I wrote my WIP post).

I am really pleased with how this turned out. Although I have to admit that these don't take that much skill other than following the pattern! The finished result is all really down to the fantastic design.

This is the fourth tapestry I have completed now. I've done two other Emily Peacock designs:

And one design by granny knits:

The camper van is the only one I have made into a cushion though. I am hoping that finishing the round design will spur me on to make the others into cushions! The Hug and Kiss designs have been finished for well over a year so I have no excuse really!

I am a bit worried about turning the latest one into a cushion as I'm not sure my sewing skills are up to it!! The one in the Rob Ryan shop is made into a round cushion with piping which I would really like to try and do but I've never done piping before. Plus, I know from the camper van one that the tapestry is pretty hard to manipulate through the sewing machine. I have no idea what I am going to do with all these cushions!!

I am already really missing having a tapestry on the go. I really like to have a project that I can pick up and work on which keeps me occupied without having to do much thinking! Its brilliant for the days when I am not feeling well or am sleepy but still want something to do in front of the TV.

I have already started researching what I want to do next. I'm thinking maybe this to be framed above my bed:

(Picture taken from Emily Peacock website)

Or maybe a handbag kit from Felicity Hall or a kit from Jan Constantine. Ooooh so many options...... The big question is whether I can wait til Christmas to get my hands on one!!

I suppose the next step would be to design my own....!

Hope you are all having a lovely craft weekend xxxx


Tickety-boo said...

Lovely work! I can see following your blog is going to add to my WIP list.

Annaboo's House said...

Very clever!
I have tapestry I started when I was pregnant with my son (ahem, 5 years ago). Must finish it and make a cushion.
Love the pom poms on your cushion!
Have a great week.

Diane J. Evans said...

Tapestry does indeed take a long time to complete -- this is fabulous, Dotty. How about surrounding it with a square mat (the cut-out part would be round) and putting it in a frame? You could admire it always on the wall. It's really lovely.


Wendy said...

Beautiful! All of them, absolutely gorgeous. Piping isn't actually difficult at all, I could do a step by step to walk you through it?

Hippywitch said...

Love the tapestry! Emily Peacock designs are fabulous, you have a lovely set of cushions once you make them up. I have stuff waiting to be framed for years now :-)

Crafty-Laura said...

WOW that tapestry is gorgeous!!! Laura x

Cristin said...

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