Sunday, 18 December 2011

Christmas Decorations (Part 2)

I've had my Christmas decorations up for over a week now and I've just realised that I never shared the rest of them with you. Whoops - I think it is all the pre-Christmas manic busyness that made it slip my mind. This year I've added to the felt decorations I made last year with some glass ornaments. (As always, I've struggled to photograph the glass - sorry if the pics are a bit blurry!)

First up the fused glass decorations for the tree. This is the "star" I made for the top:

There are more stars dotted about the tree.

I've tried to keep all the decorations in a roughly white and clear theme. The sparkly ones are made of either iridescent glass or dichroic glass.

This decoration is inspired by one I saw on flickr. Unfortunately I now can't find the original photo. If anyone knows whose it was then please let me know so I can credit the original maker:

I've also made around 10 stained glass stars using the copper foil method.

I haven't done that much copper foiling so these stars were a really good project to practice on - and brilliant for using up all the scraps of glass I have hanging around.

I haven't quite finished decorating the tree (I still need to add those crochet granny stars!) but here is my almost complete tree:

The tree is actually in my bedroom. This is partly because there isn't really enough room in my living room and partly because I have a lovely bay window in my bedroom which is perfect for a tree. When it gets dark I turn the lights off, leave the curtains open and people going past can see it sparkling in the window.

I've also added a bit of decoration in the living room to make things a bit more festive in there, mainly centred on the fireplace:

The mini baubles were a set from Paperchase which I spent ages knotting onto a ribbon this time last year! Again, I've got some fused glass decorations hanging here. Here are some closeups:

Phew - that was quite a photo heavy post! I hope you enjoyed seeing all the decorations I have made for my flat. I am now working frantically on all the Christmas presents I need to finish before next weekend. Eeek! Still, it is much nicer sitting on my sofa sewing than it is doing battle in the shops! Hopefully I should be able to show you the products of my efforts soon.

Hope all your Christmas crafting is going well and you are looking forward to Christmas. Unfortunately I got so much into the festive spirit last night that I have now pretty much lost my voice!! Whoops!

Have a good week xx


Stephanie All About Beads said...

I too love hand crafted Christmas decorations, each decoration on my tree is individual.

Not all are handmade but the number increases each year, this year 2 new ones made by myself - a willow star and a corn dolly I made at a recent visit to a local museum.

Happy Christmas


Chaucer's Aunty said...

Wow your tree looks amazing! I just love all your glass work- the blue snowflake on your fireplace is absolutely stunning!!! Laura x

Milly and Me said...

I love your glass stars, both the fused and the leaded ones - amazing :D
Have a lovely, crafty Christmas! x

Hippywitch said...

WOW! The glass decorations are stunning! They must sparkle lovely too with the lights. I have no idea how you do that but it's fabulous :-)

I have everything done for Christmas and have no intention of going near the shops until afterwards! It is far nicer to sit in front of the fire and make things or order them to be delivered!

Have a lovely Christmas!

Jane said...

Your stars are AMAZING!!! And I can't wait to see how you get on with knitting after doing the knitting class :)
Have a lovely Christmas!
Jane x

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