Monday, 12 December 2011

Granny Christmas Stars

Over the last few days I've become slightly addicted to making these crochet granny stars. Since I discovered the pattern on Jelly Wares blog (via this post on Paisley Jade) I've been crocheting them every spare moment!

They are really quick and satisfying to make and I am planning to hang them on the tree once I have blocked them with some PVA glue. I might even add some glitter if I'm feeling particularly festive!!

I made the smaller stars by missing out the last round of the pattern and in the second round replacing the half double crochet with a single (this will make sense if you look at the pattern).

My original plan was to make crochet snowflakes for the tree. I even bought these books for that purpose. Unfortunately it turns out I don't have the patience for the snowflakes - they take FOREVER! I don't mind all the fiddly bits on the first or even second branch of the snowflake but by the third and fourth I get grumpy!! I've started about five snowflakes and haven't managed to finish one yet! If you want to see some beautiful crochet snowflakes from the book then check out these posts from someone who has a lot more patience than me!

Maybe I'll have enough patience to attempt snowflakes next year but for the moment I'm pretty happy with my cute little granny stars!


Hippywitch said...

Gorgeous stars! I bought a snowflake booklet similar to that one but haven't tried any yet, I have a feeling that I'll have the same problem with losing patience, lol!

Chaucer's Aunty said...

They are fabulous! I'm very tempted to have a go myself... I found exactly the same thing with snowflakes, I spent ages trying to make one and it turned out really messy so I gave it up as a bad job! These are lovely though, thanks for the link!

Diane J. Evans said...

Your stars are just lovely -- as beautiful as the inspirations from the blog post you shared. They're going to look great on your tree with your other handmade ornaments.


Elle Sees said...

this is the most amazing background everrrr! it makes me happy!
thanks for commenting on my article for Yes & yes!

Jane said...

They're so pretty. I did a snowflake last year and to be honest, it wasn't fun squinting at the tiny hook and thin yarn - stick with the stars!
Jane x

faith76 said...

Love those crochet stars very very pretty :0)


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