Friday, 24 February 2012

On the go at the mo!

I haven't finished anything much recently as I seem to be working on some bigger projects at the moment so I thought I'd show you some glimpses of those so you can see what I've got on the go!

Firstly I'm still working on my quilt. I'm hand quilting this so its pretty time consuming but when I actually get down to doing it I am really enjoying it. I am bit worried about getting to the binding stage though!

I also always like to have some cross stitch or a tapestry on the go for those evenings when I want to do some craft but my brain doesn't feel up to concentrating too hard! At the moment I am working on "Think Happy Thoughts" by Emily Peacock. I've pretty much done it all apart from the border - I've left it because it is supposed to be brown but I'm thinking of doing it another colour and I can't decide! I'm thinking maybe grey...

I also always seem to have a crochet project on the go! I've been planning to make this doily rug for ages but only started this week - its taken me a while to get round to ordering the chunky yarn! I got the pattern from here but it is also available on ravelry. It is done using three strands of yarn at once and a big hook (the pattern recommends 15.75mm but I am using 17mm) so it comes together really quickly - very satisfying! I suspect this will be the next project I finish:

Just before Christmas I learned to knit so I also have a knitting project on the go. I am working my way through the Knitty Gritty book and this is the first project in there. It is a very simple scarf and probably doesn't look very impressive to all of you knitters out there but I am actually extremely proud of it - I never thought I was going to crack knitting so this is quite exciting for me! I'm looking forward to finishing this and moving on to some more complicated projects!

Hopefully I'll actually have something finished to blog about soon! What bigger projects are you working on at the moment?


faith76 said...

I am a bit scared of quilting but would love to try this one day. Your quilt looks beautiful and I think a grey border would look fab.
Loving the doily rug - quite different :)

Well done with the scarf! It looks great -once you have mastered knit and pearl stitch the world is your oyster in the exciting knitting patterns out there.

Have a lovely weekend.

Leah x

Lisa Margreet said...

Yay, look how long your scarf is getting. Well done you! I hope you're going to bring it to work on at the Craft Club film knit-a-long tomorrow? I'm bringing my strips of chess board I'm working on. The chess board is bigger than I was anticipating, I'm not sure if I'll have room to keep it once I've made it. Perhaps I'll have to do a give away after seeing the success of yours. :) Xx

Steph said...

wow! that is a lot of projects and all looking very lovely too. The Emily Peacock stitch is really beautiful.

Crafty-Laura said...

Ooh that quilt is going to be gorgeous! I know how time consuming handquilting is- my Mum does a lot of her quilting that way. Looking forward to seeing it finished! Fab crocheting and I'm very impressed with the knitting- I think it's hard to crack knitting when you're a crocheter first! Lovely Emily Peacock stitch, I must have a go at one of her designs, they're so bright and cheerful! Laura xxx

Annaboo's House said...

You are a busy bunny, aren't you?!
Such beautiful fabrics in your quilt- that one's going to be a stunner.
And the stitching is very sweet. I agree, I think grey might look more cheery than brown.
And a doily rug? Marvellous!!! Mine is still awaiting a quiet moment to sit and finish it, but it's great how quickly they work up on a big hook, isn't it?
Such lovely things!
Have a super weekend, my lovely.

Jane said...

You've got some fabulous thigs on the go there! I love those big doily rugs. And yay for your knitting! Isn't it great learning new skills?
I'm still waiting for my Saroyan scarf to be blocked, and I've started a proper shawl - "Traveling woman" - I've never been a shawl-wearer, but I can't resist the pattern!
Jane x

Erica Bessant said...

Good to know I'm not the only one with a pile of wip projects!

The quilt is really pretty! And i like the doily rug! The other project's look fab as always. Good going with the scarf too... I'm still thinking about that "from the top and down jumper". We'll see, when i go to Swe next time i can bring over more of my yarn stach stored there... I might make one then :)

Hippywitch said...

Oh gorgeous!!! I love that quilt! It'll be a real heirloom when finished :-)
Lurve the doily rug, I really want to make a rug like this one day they are so pretty.
I would go for grey for the border for that design, love the rainbow colours in it.
Lori xxx

Wendy said...

I'm exactly the same with having loads of projects on the go, except I don't have that many big ones at the minute, must get some started!

Hand quilting is great, isn't it? And don't stress with the binding, if I can do it, so can you, and I did do it!

Love the doily rug, I've got the yarn ready to make one too, just got to get moving on it!!

Oh, and I learnt to knit from Knitty Gritty, such a good book!

p.s. your word verification is still on!

Anonymous said...

Love all your Wips especially the doily rug.looking forward to some great reveals soon,have a great week,take care,love juliexxx

Crafty-Laura said...

Hello! Just gave you a blog award ;-)

Kerryp77 said...

gorgeous colours in the quilt, the stitching is fab too. I've given you a blog award too, details on my blog. x

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