Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Granny blanket update!

I've finally got some progress to report on my granny blanket! Yay! So I thought to celebrate I'd share some pictures with you.

After a lot of procrastination I eventually got round to attaching my 100 granny squares together and now it actually resembles a blanket!

After lots of thought and a few tests I decided to attach them using a slip stitch through the back loops (there is a fab tutorial here). I think it took a bit longer that stitching the squares together would have done but I like the effect so I think it was worth it.

Unfortunately, when I was finished attaching I laid it out on the floor to take a look and I wasn't happy at all! It was all lumpy and wouldn't lay flat. Very disappointing. I think a combination of my tension changing over the period I made the squares (as I was still learning) and crocheting the squares together too tightly combined to give this effect.

Oh dear! I was just hopeful that blocking would help and thankfully it did. Some water and over 100 pins later I had turned the wonky blanket above into this:

Phew! I am much happier with it now. After a few days blocking the blanket was much flatter and squarer (as in the first two pics). And in future I will block more frequently - maybe not every square but definitely smaller sections of squares.

I haven't decided whether to add any more squares to this blanket or not. My original intention was to make quite a large blanket but that was before I realised quite how much yarn making the blanket would take and the subsequent effect on my bank balance! Unfortunately due to my inexperience I chose a bit of an expensive yarn. At the moment I am planning to leave it for a bit and work on some other projects and see how I feel at a later date. I've already got lots of ideas for other things I want to make....!


Diane J. Evans said...

Isn't blocking wonderful??! It covers up all our sins and makes our work look the way we intended. This blanket looks like it only needs a border -- let us know what you decide.


Chaucer's Aunty said...

I agree, I think it looks perfect as it is- just add a border to finish it off. The blocking worked really well, it's gorgeous, well done! :-) Laura x

Kerryp77 said...

it's gorgeous, eeing work like that is what makes me not give up on learning to crochet. love it soooo much. x

Elise said...

This is gorgeous, I'm always so jealous when I see awesome crochet blankets, must learn! :)

Wendy said...

It looks fantastic, well done!! If you want to make it bigger but not with as much expense, you could always add a border in the white yarn, it should only take a couple of balls

Hippywitch said...

Oh that's gorgeous!! Love the colours with the white edges to the squares. The blocking worked so well, it looks perfect. A border would be good if you don't make it bigger.
It's really expensive to make blankets isn't it? I always use the cheap acrylic yarn for blankets and rugs, loads of colours and you can chuck it in the washer and dryer with no problems :-)
Lori xx

Svala said...

Looks great and huge and cozy! Makes me want to make my own! Should go through my yarns and all the leftovers and odd bits lying around.

Love the granny square too!

Wendy said...

P.s., I can't email you back! It says hotmail has blocked me!!

colleen said...

Well done! It looks fabulous. And it is so satisfying to put a project to bed (or just tuck it in for a nap). As to the cost, I think you will see it as an investment in the long run because it will gain a lovely patina as it ages.


Lisa Margreet said...

Yay, well done you - it looks gorgeous!

debra said...

Wonderful granny squares. I need 800 for my bed throw!, my 21yr old has just finished her last of 260 started in November. I've posted a picture of it on my blog. A border makes a huge difference.

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