Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Busy, busy, busy.....

Sorry for the lack of updates around here recently, I've been a very busy bee! (Note: I didn't take this pic - I didn't have the energy to chase bees round the garden waiting for the perfect shot!)

Working on some cactus pin cushions for my folksy shop. (Geddit, catctus - pins, needles.....man, i'm a genius ;o) )

Playing with my parents camera and taking pics of my mum's beautiful orchids.

Working on my PIF gifts for Sue, Wilkie and Sandra. (If you still want to get involved then visit their blogs and find out if they have any places left or who their gifts will be going to.)

Tending to my sunflower seeds. (I know most people grow sunflowers when they are about 8 but I love sunflowers and clearly I'm a late bloomer!)

Helping my Dad clear up this tip (this is less than a quarter of the junk - he has issues throwing things away!!)

Experimenting with my felt balls (more of which in a later post!)

Enjoying the rare British sunshine. So rare in fact that when I tired to take a sunshiney picture below the sun went in!

Taking my first painting and drawing class. Not sure about the results but it was fun :o)

All of which I present as an explanation for not giving you the bloggy love you deserve! And also a chance to show you what I've been up to. I'll be back with some proper crafty bloginess soon.

Dotty xx


bex said...

wow! you have been busy!! the cactus pin cushions are wonderful!! ive been meaning to ask someone...and as you have reminded me...how do you make them 3D. ive only mastered sort of flat monsters but for example, if i wanted to do a head how would i make it ball shaped. oh dear...i dont think this makes any sense at all.

Polka Dot Daze said...

Hi there, thanks so much for visiting my blog. I see you are following me - THANKS! This is all new to me, and it's all very exciting!!! I love your little monsters - very clever. I went and had a look at your Flickr photos - I love your family photo - very cool!
Bye for now, Stacey x

Anonymous said...

Oh I just love the cactus pin cushion idea!!!
You are a genius!!!
And your first painting in art class is stunning!!!

urban craft said...

i totally dig the cactus. very cool!

Sandra @ Pepperberry and Co. said...

Nice work, Dotty!! I love the cacti, I love the fact that you're growing yummy sunflowers, and I love that you've been busy being crafty. :-)

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