Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Other People's Projects Post: Number 1

When I first stopped working and got back into crafts I started reading lots of other people's crafty blogs (some of these blogs are listed in my sidebar although I do need to update it bacause I keep finding more and more fab blogs). There is so much great stuff out there and people are so generous with their ideas, many of them offering free tutorials and patterns. I've learnt a lot from following these tutorials and made some lovely things. I thought it might be worth sharing some of them here so this is my first........drumroll please.........Other People's Project Post!! I may have to start calling it OPPP for short - it takes too long to type!

First up a fab tutorial to make mushrooms and toadstools from a lovely blog called The Little House by the Sea.

The tutorial is great, really easy to follow. And look what I made:

I skipped the part with the embroidery on the stalks because I wanted to make mine more simplistic (and more importantly my emboidery is rubbish!) but you should have a look at the emboidered ones. So beautiful! I also had to alter mine slightly because the white felt I used was a bit too cheap and got all stretched when I turned the caps the right way round - easily fixed by adding an extra ring of white felt and I'm actually quite happy with the effect.

There is also a flikr group with photos for other people who'd used the patterns. I've just uploaded mine too.

This is another mushroom I made using the pattern. Its almost exactly the same but I put the stitching on the outside of the cap and used an old cotton reel to stabilise it.

Next time I'm going to have a go at the embroidery on the stalk.

Dotty xx


Beaky said...

Hi Dotty,
Thanks for visiting my blog and taking part. Please email me your address to -

I love your monsters and you should definitly get involved in the PIF. I am sure you will get three takers. I am including you in my 3 gift getters. I Will blog later about the you three and hopefully get some people to check you out.

B x
p.s I also love the felt beads and can't wait to see what you do with them.

p.p.s Do you sell your stuff?

Delilah + Jack said...

OOOOHHHHH These are awesome! I have not sewn many crafty things although I have been reading a lot of blogs because I am interested in maybe taking a shot at it!

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