Thursday, 23 April 2009

Other People's Projects Post #2

Time for another look at something I've made using a free pattern or tutorial donated by a generous blogger. This project comes from Alice at the fab blog futuregirl. She has some great free tutorials and three free pattern downloads. I chose to make this one but I am also planning to make the other two - a seahorse and a set of four supercute sea creatures.

The pattern is really well written and easy to follow. So may I present my very own Sigmund the Octopus:

I love him sooo much. He's so cute and he fits in the palm of my hand - much more delicate than most of the things I usually make. He currently nestles in one of the plants on my windowsill and gives me a little shock every morning when I open the curtains. I used a really bright piece of felt which I had been saving for something special - you can't really tell from the picture but he is so luminous he practically glows in the dark!

There is also a flickr group with photos for other people who'd used the patterns. I'm going to upload mine too. You should definitely check it out - particularly for the Christmas tree with 99 octopuses on!

I think I'm going to make the sea creatures next and make them into a mobile. Thanks for the fab downloads Alice :o)



Sandra @ Pepperberry and Co. said...

Awww, Sigmund! I love him! But not as much as that green one :-) That was love at first site! Sigmund could sure come a close second, though...

bex said...

great work! he looks cute...i like his eyes

Anonymous said...

I love the way you used the sequins.

The Dotty One said...

Thanks for the compliments guys - although really all down to a fab pattern :o)

futuregirl said...

Dotty! Thanks for the wonderful review of my pattern. :) Your octopus is capital A, adorable. You're a sweetheart!

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